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Flock of Beers

gratte-cul cadre.png


White beer, sourish and fruity.

Details : 4,5% alc.// Wheat ale

Fourquet d'Or in 2016 in the category "White beer".

jeanette cadre.png


Pale ale, sweet and flowery beer.

Details : 5% alc.// Pale ale

The most balanced beer of the whole beerfold

baba cool cadre.png


session India Pale Ale, light, juicy et fruity

Détails: 3,5% alc.// Session IPA

The youngest of the herd... but already a lot of character!

calude cadre.png


Pale ale, hoppy, refreshing and IPA style beer

Details: 5.5% alc.// Indian Pale Ale

Crackbrained and over-vitaminized !

bermonde cadre.png


Triple, tasty and warming beer

Details: 8.5% alc.// Triple beer from Ardèche

Strong and tasty, aged with oak chips!

irascible cadre.png


Amber, flowery and malty beer.

Details: 5.6% alc.// Irish Red Ale

Beer of Irish origin.

fenousse cadre.png


Amber, strong and farmhouse beer.

Details : 5.2% alc.// Paysan Amber Ale

Produced with hay mowed on the Coiron highland !

grainette cadre.png


Amber beer with 7 cereals

Details: 0,7% alc.// Amber Ale

Cottage beer

basaletik cadre.png


Brown, strong and creamy ale.

Details: 6% alc.// Porter

Complex and strong beer.

coironness cadre.png


Dark, intense and roasted beer.

Details : 5% alc.// Stout

A beer for those who have what it takes!

Brewery des Rieux, beer breeders in Ardèche
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